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Welcome to Constantine Law Firm a full service general practice firm with offices in Yonkers and Tarrytown. We are experienced in Real Estate, Land Use, Environmental, Landlord and Tenant, Buying/Selling a Business, Estates, Matrimonial and Family Law. We always treat our clients in a respectful and courteous manner and provide quality legal services at a reasonable fee. We look forward to discussing how we can help you and/or your business. We will schedule a complimentary initial consultation at your convenience.
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» Another newscaster uses racial slur in story on MLK
19/01/19 20:50 from
For the second time in less than two weeks, a local television newsperson has used a racial slur while talking about the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

» Pelosi says the President's offer is a 'non-starter.' It would link his $5.7B demand for a border wall with extending DACA and TPS protections
19/01/19 20:50 from
House Democrats are pushing forward with legislation to beef up security at the borders without funding for the wall demanded by President Donald Trump, a move bound to intensify the standoff over a partial government shutdown heading in...

» Women's marches kick off with focus on 2020 and progressive policies
19/01/19 20:36 from
Demonstrators are gathering for the Women's March in Washington and related rallies across the country Saturday, with many of the movement's supporters looking to channel two years of momentum and common cause against President Donald Tr...

» US: 50 terrorists killed in airstrike in Somalia
19/01/19 20:11 from
The US military said Saturday that an airstrike near the Jilib, Middle Juba Region of Somalia killed more than 50 al-Shabaab militants.

» This mom and daughter bought tickets to DC for the march after the Kavanaugh hearing
19/01/19 20:06 from

» Women's March leadership addresses accusations of anti-Semitism
19/01/19 20:06 from

» DOJ moves forward with land-grab cases for border fence
19/01/19 19:40 from
Justice Department attorneys are continuing to work on cases to seize land from property owners along the US-Mexico border, despite other cases being put on hold until the government reopens.

» 'Missing link' in human history confirmed
19/01/19 19:36 from
Early humans were still swinging from trees two million years ago, scientists have said, after confirming a set of contentious fossils represent a "missing link" in humanity's family tree.

» Ocasio-Cortez: Being polite not the same as being quiet
19/01/19 19:12 from
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) speaks at the 2019 Women's March in New York.

» Boo, 'world's cutest dog,' dies
19/01/19 18:43 from
If the January blues hadn't already got to you... the world's cutest dog, Boo, has died of a broken heart.

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