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Welcome to Constantine Law Firm a full service general practice firm with offices in Yonkers and Tarrytown. We are experienced in Real Estate, Land Use, Environmental, Landlord and Tenant, Buying/Selling a Business, Estates, Matrimonial and Family Law. We always treat our clients in a respectful and courteous manner and provide quality legal services at a reasonable fee. We look forward to discussing how we can help you and/or your business. We will schedule a complimentary initial consultation at your convenience.
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» Where Republican senators stand on health bill
27/06/17 15:20 from
Senate Republicans rolled out their health care plan Thursday, and within hours the bill was already on shaky ground.

» They thought the US would welcome them with open arms
27/06/17 15:18 from
They fled terror, tyranny and persecution in search of a better life for themselves and their families. They believed that the United States would offer them that life -- that the country formed by immigrants would welcome them with open...

» Assad climbs into Russian jet
27/06/17 15:17 from
Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad is seen climbing into a Russian jet at Hmeimim Air Base in Syria.

» Hillary Clinton speaks in Chicago
27/06/17 15:12 from

» Cillizza: Lawmakers' FB chat shows where energy of Democratic Party is
27/06/17 15:07 from
On Monday night, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and Georgia Rep. John Lewis walked from the House side of the US Capitol to the steps in front of the Senate. There, with Booker live-streaming on his Facebook page, they started talking about...

» Most 2014 World Cup head impacts didn't receive concussion protocols, study says
27/06/17 15:03 from
More than 3 billion people around the world tuned in to watch soccer's 2014 FIFA World Cup, during which there were 81 head collisions. And only 15% of those injured players received a concussion assessment from health care personnel, ac...

» McConnell's moves to show whether he can get votes
27/06/17 14:47 from
Tuesday is another critical day for the Senate health care bill as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Mike Pence have a power lunch of sorts with their fellow Republicans to determine the way forward.

» Supreme Court will hear sports betting case
27/06/17 14:30 from

» Queen Elizabeth II is getting a 78% raise from the government
27/06/17 14:24 from

» The strategy irks former Obama aides who look on as Trump trashes their former boss and his achievements
27/06/17 14:19 from
Donald Trump has a new favorite target -- the guy who used to have his job.

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