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Welcome to Constantine Law Firm a full service general practice firm with offices in Yonkers and Tarrytown. We are experienced in Real Estate, Land Use, Environmental, Landlord and Tenant, Buying/Selling a Business, Estates, Matrimonial and Family Law. We always treat our clients in a respectful and courteous manner and provide quality legal services at a reasonable fee. We look forward to discussing how we can help you and/or your business. We will schedule a complimentary initial consultation at your convenience.
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» White House press briefing
26/07/17 18:17 from

» This time President took to Twitter to complain while the attorney general was visiting the White House
26/07/17 18:04 from
The one-sided feud between President Donald Trump and his attorney general continued on Wednesday, even as Jeff Sessions attempted to plow ahead with his Justice Department duties.

» If Trump offers you a job, don't take it
26/07/17 17:59 from

» Senate delays Obamacare repeal vote
26/07/17 17:51 from
The Senate's marathon debate to dismantle Obamacare enters Day Two on Wednesday, as Republican senators continue painstaking deliberations to reach an ultimate agreement on health care reform.

» Sting nabs global criminal, 'Peacock'
26/07/17 17:50 from

» Here's what the Senate is voting on
26/07/17 17:47 from

» In '16, he vowed to protect them
26/07/17 17:47 from
At the Republican National Convention, GOP nominee Donald Trump said he would protect LGBTQ citizens from "violence and oppression."

» NFL star hires divers to find $150K earring in lake
26/07/17 17:39 from

» Cillizza: News flash! Trump isn't going to stop bullying Sessions
26/07/17 17:38 from
Here's a headline from Wednesday morning on CNN: "Top White House aides press Trump to pull back on Sessions criticism."

» Opinion: Why Breitbart hasn't gone to war for Sessions
26/07/17 17:38 from
For years, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been cast by Breitbart News (and one of its most visible writers, Matt Boyle) as a conservative hero.

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